What I Learnt In 2015..



*I don’t have to apologize for being happy

During the last 6 months I’ve been the most happy that I’ve felt in many year’s. Actually ‘feeling’ happy is something you can’t fake, you can’t buy and you can’t borrow. Don’t apologize for stages in your life when you feel content and happy, it’s one of the most precious feelings.

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‘Free From’ Bake Off with Holland & Barrett

Bake off picture oe

Last Sunday I was running like a mad woman, no I wasn’t running a race, I was running because I was late for a very important date. The ‘date‘ in my diary was a ‘Free From‘ Healthy bake off with Holland and Barrett, a group of super friendly bloggers and Ugne from the Great British Bake Off.

Before I knew it I was being welcomed into ‘Cactus Kitchen’, meeting a group of friendly faces. All whilst taking in the stylish surroundings of Michael Roux Jnr’s Cookery School. After a much needed coffee and group introductions we were led up to the very ‘Pinterest worthy‘ kitchens.

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Tis the season to love yourself…


The reason for this post is just to remind people that it’s okay to indulge over this time of year.


It’s good to keep on working out, because it’s fun and you enjoy it and not because a picture told you 25 minutes of running burns a mince pie.

Lift weights because you feel empowered, practice yoga to stay mindful and run to soak up the change in the seasons.

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