Half Marathon Training : All The Miles – All The Food – All The Music

half marathon

My alarm goes off at 6am and I try to quietly sneak out of bed and into the bathroom where the next few minutes become a flurry of changing into gym kit, jamming contact lenses into my eyes and tying my hair up. I then creep downstairs, trying desperately to unset the alarm quietly before heading towards my saviours of 6am ‘Kettle – Coffee – Carb’s’.

I’m training for a half marathon, the distance is not a completely new one for me but following a formal plan is something I’d never done before. Most of last year I ran for the enjoyment and running very short distances felt like the perfect balance for me, I took great pleasure in running no more than 1-4 miles anything from once to 6 times a week.

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The Pancake Collection

pancake collection

I used to be intimidated by pancakes, I could never get my batter ‘just right‘ or the heat at the right level, I’d end up with a burnt mess and a ruined frying pan.

Fast forward a few years and pancakes are something I enjoy on a regular basis, as I now understand how simple it is to create a fool proof batter, I know to always use coconut oil and cook on a medium to low heat.

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WIAW : Food For Thought


A few weeks back I posted a ‘What I ate Wednesday’ and promised I’d update you on my journey on a balanced but lower sugar and higher fat/protein eating style.

You may remember I said I don’t follow ‘diets’ or eating plans because I can’t stick to them and that is so true, I had a wonderful 6 days and then on the 7th I ate a very indulgent meal which made it seriously hard to wean back off the sugar. But you know what? That’s life, I’m not trying to shine an example of someone who spends all day living by the ‘rules’ and I said before, I love chocolate!

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