Can you *really* change your body in 10 weeks?

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The ‘must have’ shape over the last year or so has been the perfectly toned, strong, lean body and from this has steamed even more..‘Incredible workouts’, that hideous ‘Beach Body’ advert which offended us all, various ‘6 week plan to ab’s’ and so on…

I’m healthy, I like my body and everything it can do and I’m not overweight or unfit..

But I’m curious..

I want to know if it is really possible to transform myself from slim/content to a girl who carries lean muscle, is stronger, faster and fitter in just 10 weeks?

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Colour Obstacle Rush : Milton Keynes

colour rush

Sometimes people make you a offer that’s a little too good to refuse…

My friends had a spare ticket for Milton Keynes Colour Obstacle Rush and asked if myself or G  would like to go, naturally G was a gent and let me have the ticket. I won’t lie, I was really excited, I was going to spend time with my friends and finally try a fun/obstacle type race – Hurrah!

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30 Years Of Learning.

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In May I hit a milestone.

I turned 30.

I have learn’t so much in my journey from 20 to 30 and I’m not the same person at all, as  matter of fact I’ve become the person I never thought I would. I’m far from perfect, I don’t know it all, I make plenty of mistakes on my journey through life. In fact my journey over the last 10 years has really taught me a lesson or two and I’m sharing just a few thoughts and opinions I’ve picked up along the way…

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WIAW : Sunday Eat’s


Today I just want to eat my feeling’s.

I typed that, stared into space and crept into the kitchen to find a chocolate truffle.  I lied it was 2 truffles and then I went on to spoon some peanut butter aimlessly into my mouth, granola, I’d forgotten for a millisecond I’d made that. So I ate some of that also, frankly it’s terrible to wait for such wonderful food to be eaten at ‘meal times’ when it can be eaten right away.

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