Yoga : Staying mindful over Xmas

Yoga Xmas

I’m writing this on a Sunday evening with warm feet and kind soul; soon I’ll put together the finishing touches to a comforting Sunday Dinner and eat with the man who makes my eyes sparkle.

This is what mindfulness over the most busy, expensive and sometimes stressful time of year feel’s like to me. The thing I take the greatest delight in is the fact it’s wholly unique and we don’t have to settle for another persons idea of ‘a happy place‘.

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Fruit : Weight loss friend or foe?


Just a brief post today, life is so frantic for me right now and I can’t wait to spend some time on Sunday evening huddled up with my laptop and sharing all the recipes I’ve been creating lately and my recent adventures.  Fellow 80’s children will remember dicta phone’s, I almost feel that It might be acceptable for me to start power dressing and dictating post’s into a small machine so I don’t forget to write all these ‘exciting’ bit’s and bob’s that appear in me head, but evaporate when I come to type.

Maybe I need to accept that In reality they aren’t that exciting, but never mind well just gloss over it..

Let’s talk food, one of my most favourite topic’s of conversation – I’ve noticed that over the last few months fruit has occasionally been getting a bad press…

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Self Acceptance + Fitness Objectives



Over the years I’ve learnt to be a lot more accepting of my body, I spent many an hour yearning for a tiny lithe figure when the reality is that my build/love of food was not going to allow that. Once I made peace with my body and shape I realised just how powerful it was and that I was going to embrace what I have, rather than yearning for what I won’t ever have.

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Breakfast Protein Muffins : With My Protein


I adore breakfast, for me it’s absolutely the most important meals of the day and actually one of the meals I often spend the most time preparing.

Muffin’s aren’t always known for being ‘healthy‘, they are known for ‘filling a gap’ or a ‘treat‘ but these muffins change all that.  Whilst I know these won’t top the dangerously addictive nutella filled, triple chocolate muffin I’d eat in the sun whilst on ski trips (as the only place I can find these is Chamonix – thank goodness) but in contrast they are a filling, protein packed, portable and balanced start to the day.

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