WIAW: Chocolate,Carbs&Cookies

I think it’s really important to share a day of eat’s which were not controlled by hitting certain macros, carefully balanced or perfectly ‘clean’..

Even though it was my day off, I still made sure I got up early and started the day with a swim/aqua jogging and kettlebell workout.

I walked to the swimming pool and by the time I got home I was desperate to dive into these protein pancakes with raspberries and PB2


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Why Social Media *Can* Be Great….

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At the moment the whole internet is uproar about the beautiful and wise Essena Oneill who boldly came forwards about the reality behind those ‘perfect’ photos. She admitted to we knew deep down was true, 100’s of shot’s to find ‘the one’, missing meals and using several editing applications all for one photo.

There’s a flipside though, because not all social media users are like this. Unless it becomes a unhealthy obsession or comparison there’s nothing wrong with following those who do portray ‘The perfect life’.

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Muscle Food : Review

musle food 23

Every once in a while, whilst surfing around online I make a great discovery and I can honestly say that Muscle food was one of them.

If I was to tell you that there is a ‘virtual super market’, with all the nut butter’s you could ever want, mega meat hampers, even grains and vegetables. Would you be interested?

What If I was to add that they often have weekly deals which have previously included: 5kg of chicken cheaper than any supermarket and meat hampers you would be mad to resist? Not forgetting offers on quest bar’s and various supplement’s. If you have a sweet tooth there’s a selection of high protein ice cream or if you have a cheese void in your life the virtually zero fat option is available with a click of your mouse.

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Whole Body Workout : At Home or Gym


Working out at home is my ‘thing’, I love being able to fit my workouts in with my life, I love the privacy and I even ‘love it’ when my other half laughs at me (there’s normally a reason for this).

However I wanted to create a workout that could be used at the gym or at home, my aim was to keep the movement’s simple so most people regardless of fitness level could use this and I wanted ensure everything flowed..

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Liebster Award : Star Light Blogger Award

  Over the last month I’ve been invited to answer a few questions from other bloggers…

Normally, I am absolutely terrible at answering these and I read the post’s, think to myself ‘Oh wonderful, I’ll schedule that’ and promptly forget. In a way this reminds me of 10 year’s ago when completing those ‘questionnaire’s’ on Myspace (remember that?) was the ‘thing‘ to do, a way to show just how witty and cool you were..

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USN Review : Do I need protein? Does ‘pre-workout’ work?


On Saturday My sister and I were out shopping, I stopped to buy a USN Protein Delite bar,as I was keen to try one and wanted a fulfilling snack whilst we shopped.

Whilst we were queuing she asked ‘Do I need protein?‘ and ‘Will I look like the women they always feature on the adverts?‘ she paused and said ‘They are always really slim and toned‘. I then explained that protein is a key nutrient and we do all need protein and it is found in many different sources of food and additional supplement’s. The next point I covered is that of course protein company’s will use someone who is in incredible physical shape to market the product. I reminded her that, the model will be in incredible shape due to hard training, low body fat and maybe a little friendly photo shop.

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