I am not the 8 stone girl.


I need a rant, a moment to get some pent up emotion off my chest..

Weight, it’s a tricky subject because despite what the NHS and magazines say there is no set ideal weight for all. Obviously there’s the set ideal weight ranges, there’s our own personal desires (you know those ‘my life will be perfect when I weigh XYZ’ moments?’) and there’s our ‘happy’ weight when it just works.

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10 Minute No Equipment Workout

At Home Workout

As you may know I’m a massive advocate of a having a healthy heart and body, so I was delighted to be contacted by ‘Myvouchercodes.co.uk’ to create a workout that would help keep heart’s healthy and support British Heart Foundation. When you look into the key points of preventing heart disease it’ll come as no surprise they are healthy eating, staying active, not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping stress under control.

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