Liebster Award : Star Light Blogger Award

  Over the last month I’ve been invited to answer a few questions from other bloggers…

Normally, I am absolutely terrible at answering these and I read the post’s, think to myself ‘Oh wonderful, I’ll schedule that’ and promptly forget. In a way this reminds me of 10 year’s ago when completing those ‘questionnaire’s’ on Myspace (remember that?) was the ‘thing‘ to do, a way to show just how witty and cool you were..

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USN Review : Do I need protein? Does ‘pre-workout’ work?


On Saturday My sister and I were out shopping, I stopped to buy a USN Protein Delite bar,as I was keen to try one and wanted a fulfilling snack whilst we shopped.

Whilst we were queuing she asked ‘Do I need protein?‘ and ‘Will I look like the women they always feature on the adverts?‘ she paused and said ‘They are always really slim and toned‘. I then explained that protein is a key nutrient and we do all need protein and it is found in many different sources of food and additional supplement’s. The next point I covered is that of course protein company’s will use someone who is in incredible physical shape to market the product. I reminded her that, the model will be in incredible shape due to hard training, low body fat and maybe a little friendly photo shop.

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Carrot and Coconut Energy Bar’s

Coming up with a name for this recipe was hard…


I guess, you could call this a third time lucky recipe? There’s been a fair few failures whilst I embarked on my journey to make a protein packed, super tasty energy bar. Firstly I didn’t add enough sweetener or nut butter and it was just a little too dry, attempt number two was with oatmeal – BIG mistake! Unless you enjoy lot’s of crumble?

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