The Story Of Our Home..

Do you remember MTV Cribs? When famous people would show you around their incredible homes, you could drool over the shoe collection and day dream about the swimming pool?

I don’t live like that..

I’m going to start this post with my names Katie and when I moved in with my boyfriend he used to leave my post it notes everywhere so I could learn about his extremely high levels of organisation and tidiness.

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Easy Egg Muffins and Other Savoury Breakfast Idea’s..


I’m writing this whilst making these egg muffin’s for dinner; I’m just that kinda girl and I want to provide you will a little inspiration for tomorrow’s breakfast..

Whilst recently working on overhauling my eating to increase my moods, energy and fitness, I started exploring a more savoury start to the day.

Whilst searching on ‘Pinterest‘ I found various recipes for ‘Egg Muffins’ so I knew I would have to give these a try..

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